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Those who know me are aware that I love my stats!

After all, when it comes to selling or renting property it is so important to get the pricing right. Price a property too high, you could ruin the chances of selling / letting a property for a very long time and prospective buyers / renters have market data at their finger-tips so could think there is something wrong with a property if it has been languishing on the market!

In recent times we have become highly experienced with the governments Help to Buy scheme - after all, how else can many get onto the housing ladder?

Help to Buy is an excellent scheme for anyone struggling to save the deposit to get onto the housing ladder. You only need to find 5% deposit, with the government stumping up 20%, then you can use a lender for the remaining 75% mortgage.

The 20% from the government is interest-free for the first five years and then interest becomes payable at what is consider a very low rate of interest.

This morning I was involved in a shift at the Lewisham Food Bank and was truly humbled, especially with the plight of one man trying to keep his family together.

This chap was in a desperate position. He was a very successful businessman earning close to a six-figure salary but one bit of misfortune, out of his control, meant he could no longer work!

Come the 1st October the Royal Borough of Greenwich are bringing in a form of Landlord licencing which seems to be “under the radar” of most landlords. Under The Housing Act 2004 the government gives each council the power to introduce such legislation locally!

There is never a bad time to freshen up your home or change things around, but summer time is great for making changes. This is because you can add a real glow to your home that captures the mood of the season, creating a fantastic atmosphere around your property. It is possible to add a summer glow to your home and these simple steps will really make a difference at home.

With summer nearly upon us, it is understandable that parents are looking to make plans for the summer. Whether you are staying in Greenwich or you are visiting the area for a break, it can be handy to know what events are taking place in the local area. There is always a lot to do and whether you visit one of the established museums or just laze around Greenwich Park, it is good to know what your options are and what else you can do to enjoy yourself.

While the phrase “location, location, location” has long been overused, there is no denying that the right place will make a difference when investing in property. This is why you need to think about the area that is best for you and if you are looking for property in London, Eltham is a great place to invest.

Six-months ago we launched our Land and New Homes Division which has already proven a great success.

Land is a very different proposition from our core business of estate agency. 

While there is a huge demand for rental property in the United Kingdom, and many people find themselves prices out of the property market, it seems as though the government is keen to impose as many barriers in front of landlords as they can. In theory, making it less attractive for landlords to buy property could lead to more people buying homes but there is a disconnection between these two elements, and it means that many property experts believe that increasing taxes on landlords does nothing but raise income for HMRC and eventually lead to rent increases.

You may not know a lot about Forest Hill or even if you do, you may not think that there is too much to get excited about. This is why you may be surprised by the 8 interesting facts about Forest Hill.

Greenwich is rightly associated with its long history, from the Queens house to its few remaining cobbled streets and the Royal park itself. In more recent times and particularly since the millennium, the area has seen incredible changes with the inclusion of the impressive Millennium Dome, now known as the o2 Centre.

The changes in Brockley in recent years have been quite incredible. If you take our address, 180 Brockley Road, as an example. Formally a long-standing MOT garage that has been transformed into an attractive apartment block with homes for many along with a Sainsbury’s, an architects’ and our office – undoubtedly the best positioned estate agents in Brockley, a tennis ball throw away from the Zone 2 Overground station and facing Brockley Cross too with lots of passing trade (on foot as well as road!).

Why Come to Eltham? We shine the spotlight on what Eltham has to offer.

When you pass through Charlton's lower road you just can't miss the rapidly changing street scene. The empty wasteland and shabby warehouses have been replaced with shiny new shop frontages and glistening paving and seating. The new Sainsbury's, Marks and Spencer's and Matalan are becoming established, but are soon to be joined by new stores such as a super-sized Next and the highly popular Primark. This is just the beginning.

With the new tax changes coming your way, have you thought about how the next few years will look for your Buy-to-Let, or even your Portfolio if you are lucky enough to have one?

The good news is that I most definitely have! If you are in this camp, then I guarantee that this is a MUST, read and at the end I have something free for you!

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